Atlanta Skyline at dusk, Georgia. USA.

Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia, United States. It is situated in the bottom area of the Blue Ridge Mountains which lies on the northwestern part of the US.

Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia and is the transportation center and first trade center of the Southeastern part of the United States.

In 2017, Atlanta’s population reached 486,290 according to the census. The Metropolitan is located in Fulton County having a small portion extending in the east to DeKalb County.

The city was founded in the year 1837. Atlanta is the only city burned to the ground as an act of war during the Civil War. The reason why the phoenix is the city’s symbol can understandably be associated with this sad event.

Ever since that time Atlanta has been one of the national centers of commerce. It has also become the New South’s unofficial capital. In the year 1996 Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympic which made the city more popular and very well-known internationally. Georgia has then become the first filming location in the whole world, and Atlanta had significant contributions to this success.

The People and The Culture of Atlanta

Although Atlanta is not as big and wealthy as the city of New York based on population statistics, it still has an enticing combination of racial diversity. It is also known as one of the towns who have greater LGBT populations after Seattle and San Francisco. But of course, Atlanta city’s difference is far beyond just its people.

Atlanta is one of the sources of the world’s film and music scenes. And the food is remarkable as well. This is one of the many reasons why so many people love to be in Atlanta.

What makes Atlanta even more extraordinary is that we give a huge emphasis to diversity which many other cities fail to do.

All of the people in the city are keen to showcase their respective cultures. It preserves the Southern charm.

Jobs in Atlanta

Atlanta has a lot of large and progressive companies that offer jobs to many people locally. Delta Airlines, Home Depot and United Parcel Service (UPS) are just some of the many famous companies operating in Atlanta.

The Coca-Cola Company even originated from within the city. In 1885 the first Coca-Cola beverage was introduced in downtown Atlanta. While Coca-Cola is now universal, they still employ over 9,000 residents of Georgia, mainly in the Metro of Atlanta. Moreover, CNN’s studio headquarters are a quick drive from downtown of the City.

Atlanta has a flourishing economy and is acknowledged for its pro-business environment, the effect of a combination of elements, containing its exceptional infrastructure and status as a midpoint for airlines. The warm feel of the city and its people toward foreigners makes it incomparable.

Atlanta prides itself for the low costs for businesses, although it can’t be denied that other sectors may not be so prosperous. Atlanta was the very first city to have a $15 livable wage for their workers. According to Nerd Wallet, the city ranked as number six on the list of the most beautiful cities for job searchers in the year 2017.

Cost of Living

Everyone would be amazed to know that Atlanta is a relatively inexpensive place to live. It is 2% lower as compared to the national average cost of living. Food and commodities are perfectly affordable in the area allowing the residents to save up a higher amount of their minimum wage.

Recreational Activities and Parks

The famous Piedmont Park is Atlanta’s biggest park. It is a tree-filled park wherein walkers may enjoy an approximately four-mile loop trail over its slightly bumpy ground. Other than that, it has three-mile of paved jogging trails for skating and cycling. It also has ball fields regularly used for football and baseball games.

Piedmont Park is the home of the annual Arts Festival and numerous other fairs of Atlanta. Other renowned Atlanta parks include Grant Park and Chastain Park.

Development Projects in Atlanta

Atlanta’s economy keeps on rising. Midtown Alliance in Atlanta said that there are about 18 major development projects going on at present which include the hotel next to the Four Seasons, and The Spectrum Apartments on Spring Street.

The Ascent Tower which is a 22-story building is almost finished. The 176 hotel rooms and 328 apartments on 18th streets and West Peachtree are soon to open.

And the tallest residential building right in the middle of Midtown Atlanta, which is a 53-story Opus Tower will soon rise. It now has a leasing office on 14th Street.

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